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These 5 daily actions can make you happier

Every day we get the chance to start afresh with a new set of experiences. It's an automatic reset of opportunity to live richer and fuller lives than we did in the previous 24 hours. And it's a chance to become happier, too. Truth be told, though, sometimes we find it difficult to enjoy some days; those days where we feel like everything is going wrong, and all our plans to improve our lives are standing a great distance away, having a good laugh at us. On days like these we can become discouraged to the point of wanting to give up. But we don't have to throw in the towel, just yet. There are some tried and proven activities, principles and tactics we can utilize to help us achieve and maintain a happy outlook. I'd like to share five of them with you. When you do these five things every day, you'll begin to experience more joy in your life. Photo by Mwabonje from Pexels Smile Don't you think a smile is a beautiful thing to see? It can ins
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7 quick & easy salads for busy lady bosses

Have you been meaning to get around to creating a meal plan so you can eat to match the way you work? No worries. I know you’re super busy and time stops for no man, ahem, I mean woman. So I decided to let you take it easy on the meal-planning front, so you can have a bit more time to spend on your business’ front. Salads are a quick and easy way to pack a punch of nutrition your body needs for you to keep doing that boss lady slay you do every day. They are also wide in variety, fun to prepare, and, they’re mighty flavorful. These 7 quick & easy salad recipes will leave you wanting even more healthy salad goodness. And that’s a good thing - because a well thought out salad is a feast for the eyes, a treat for the taste buds, and a rest from hours of oven mittens, and stovetop simmering. 1. First in the salad lineup is this burst of strawberry-chicken goodness on your plate by My Recipe 2. Next we're seeing Tacos in a salad? Say "yes"

5 simple smoothies for energy-filled mornings

You can help stir up your morning routine with one of these great-tasting, healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies. Not only are they super simple to make – you just toss everything in your favorite blender – they can save you precious morning minutes so you get out the door on time. Fresh homemade smoothies are a great way to have all your recommended fruits and vegetables in minutes. And, because they’re homemade, they do not contain any unwanted added sugars, fillers or preservatives. A 120z serving of homemade natural fruit or veggie smoothie can contain as little as 250 – 300 calories. That’s a very impressive calorie score for a meal with the potential to provide your body with a range of essential nutrients, including protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins C, K, A, and E, calcium, dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates, riboflavin, phosphorous and thiamin. These 5 smoothie blends will take all the guesswork out of enjoying a nutritious, tasty treat that will help y

Shine some light on your writing with Grammarly

So, I've finally started using Grammarly, to check grammar, wordiness, and more, in all of my writing. I've avoided using it for a very long time, in fact, for exactly five years, because I believed I did not need a grammar checker in my life. But, I'm slowly coming around to seeing its benefits in my work. For instance, I do a lot of my writing in the free writing method, then go back in and tidy things up to correct grammar and tighten style. Actually, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Grammarly corrects most of the proofreading I would usually need to do. One of the things I especially like about Grammarly is its realtime Artificial Intelligence response to what I'm typing. It's as if I have an in-person editor next to me, correcting me gently every time I type an incorrect word or phrase or participle. I'm honestly glad I devoured my pride and finally signed up for a Grammarly account. I was happy to discover that it's really not as co